Lamington's American Flyer

"Pilot" is OFA Excellent, as were his parents and grandparents, several progeny and grand-get. He is red wheaten, black masked with good bone and great musculature. Pictured here at 9 years old, Pilot weighed 100lbs in his prime.

Pilot is championship-pointed but did not enjoy it so he "retired" early. He has 7 champion offspring including 4 American/Canadian Champions (Am/Ch Symetri Feel The Thunder, and the 3 littermates Am/Can Ch Symetri's Omega Red of Peritar, Am/Can Ch Symetri's Kenyatti Of Peritar, and Am/Can Ch Symetri's Northern Exposure) as well as Ch Symetri Somebody Stop Me, Ch Lamington's Sekhmet ("Elsa"), and Ch Lamington's Sir Charles ("Chico").

Pilot is the grandsire of:

• FC Lamington's Abracadabra, F Ch., MC ("Abby")
• Lamington's Capérucita, F Ch. ("Rosie")
• Ch. Lamington's Gone With The Wind ("Scarlett")
• Can Ch. Priderock's First Wild Thunder ("Jordan")
• Can Ch. Priderock's Storm Warning, CD, CGC, TDI, HIC, Ch-VD ("Seven")
• Can Ch. Priderock's Ruff Enuff ("Dalton")
• Can Ch. Priderock's Hakuna Matata ("Desmond")
• Can Ch. Heronhill's The Power of One
• Can Ch. Heronhill's Basuto
• Can Ch. Heronhill's Timbervate
• Can Ch. Kopera Esprit Dumela
• Can Ch. Kopera's Bakari Iron Will

LAMINGTON HOUSE is especially proud that:
Pilot's son, Am/Can Ch Symetri's Feel the Thunder, JC, was #1 Ridgeback in Conformation in Canada in 1995
Pilot's grandson, Ch. Priderock's Hakuna Matata, was #1 Ridgeback in Conformation in Canada in 2001.

Pedigree Information

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