Ch. Lamington's Desert Fox

“Rommel,” pictured on the right winning a 5-point major and Best of Breed from the classes, was a dream to show   -   even from 6 feet away on a loose lead, he “never put a foot wrong.”   He seemed to know exactly what was wanted of him.

Rommel had substantial bone and musculature, yet was light and graceful in his movement, with good reach and drive, and beautiful side go.  

This substantiveness and movement are also seen in the photos of his litter brother, Pilot, and older, full sister, Dickens.

Wheaton with a black mask, Rommel was about 28 inches tall and weighed about 90-95 lbs.

Rommel was proudly co-owned by Jerry Pratt, and spoiled by Dolores and Bob Pratt.

Although gray with age, it is true
that “an old Show Dog never forgets.” Striking ‘the pose’ at
his 13th Birthday Party

Demonstrating his keen sense of humor
and eating birthday cake at his
14th Birthday Party

Shown here at 14½ years at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States National Specialty in Virginia Beach, VA, April 28-May 2, 2003. “Proud parents” Dolores and Bob Pratt are third and fourth from the left, respectively.  

Breeder Judge Annemeike Price (on far left, above) described Rommel’s performance in the 11-year-old-plus Veteran Sweepstakes Class as:

“Still holding a strong topline and exhibiting the ability to converge
to a center plane with the strength of front and rear, this dog was
more than ready to show and bait regardless of his age.”

The Ridgeline, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, July, 2003.

Rommel is pictured here relaxing at his
15th Birthday Party

1989 – 2005

My sincerest appreciation to Dolores and Bob Pratt for their love and care of, dedication to, and yes, even their spoiling of Rommel. It was this that gave him his exceptional longevity, health, and vitality.

Rommel will live in our hearts forever.


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